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Monday, August 2, 2010

Niwot and Wahya Arrive!

Rich with Wahya

Beautiful Wahya

Handsome Niwot

Rich and Niwot

Wahya and Niwot checking out the back yard

Due to some unforeseen events, Niwot and Wahya arrived at Points Unknown yesterday. Rich was kind enough to take a couple days out of his life to drive to help with transport. We are so happy that the dogs are here. Thanks, Rich!

Wahya is a Points Unknown 2007 Tuloon/Bazil puppy. Her owners indicated she would best be suited for a sled "pet" home so she will be placed with Rich and his family once they complete preparations which includes finishing an enormous outdoor kennel for her and McKenzie. Yes, McKenzie. Rich fell in love with McKenzie when he first met the Points Unknown sled dogs a couple seasons ago. It had become apparent over the past year that McKenzie would greatly benefit from a retirement placement with Rich, Kendra, Lexy and JJ. We weren't quite certain when this would occur as the timing had to be right and due to the social nature of sled dogs (and dogs in general), we weren't going to place him alone. Then Wahya came about and the "right time" became now. Rich lives very close to us so both McKenzie and Wahya will physically remain in our lives and will participate in some of our Points Unknown events. We don't place dogs often, but when we do, those receiving the dogs become family. It is very important to us that they remain a part of our lives in some way.

Wahya is a beautiful, intelligent and petite young lady and reminds us of combination of her Mom, Tuloon and her sister, Zala. As she gets more comfortable in her new surroundings, I'm sure her personality will unfold.

Niwot is Phoenix's brother and originally comes from Kim Fitzgerald of Mush Knik Networking in Knik, Alaska. He is a big, athletic and attentive boy. He quickly cuddled up to me as I scratched his thick ruff and head. We met Niwot for the first time when he was transported to Minnesota with Phoenix at 8 weeks old. They both got an immediate introduction to our remote adventures when they came along on one of our women's adventures in northern Minnesota. Niwot will remain with Points Unknown. He and Wahya both seemed relatively at ease upon their arrival. Both were very interested in the other dogs but even more interested in freely wandering around the backyard, checking out all of the smells.

Both dogs are now in a pen together which is detached from the rest of the kennel, however within view. As they become more settled, Niwot will eventually be placed in a pen within the main pack and with Topa. McKenzie will then join Wahya so they can become acquainted before they move to their new home in about a month. We sure will miss McKenzie and Wahya, although we will see them often.

Even though we'd like to keep each and every one of our precious sled dogs for their entire life, it is sometimes in the best interest of the dog to place them in a wonderful and loving home with one of our extended "family" members. We don't take our responsibilities for our canine friends lightly and that responsibility still remains until the end of their lives whether they live with us or with those close to us. We know that Wahya and Niwot's previous owners feel the same way and were deeply saddened to see them go.

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