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Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Life; New Name

Eli, Alison and Ari

Smiling boy

Ari and Journey

Niwot/Ari when he was a puppy with brother, Phoenix

9 weeks old

We had the pleasure of meeting Alison and her son Eli a few months ago at an organic summer fest. We began discussing the sled dogs and White Feather happened to be with us to help promote Points Unknown. Turns out that "White Feather" is the name of the clan to which her family belongs from their Native American heritage. Well, we instantly made a connection.

Alison is a Medium by trade or birth right and I have always been intrigued by those with such abilities. So when it came time to find a new name for Niwot, I enlisted her help. She and Eli spent several hours with us and the dogs. We had a wonderful time learning more about what she does for a living and would like to share her website. Spirit Communication

Niwot seemed to love the company and jumped up on the bench between the two of us and sat for quite some time. Otherwise, he was nearby, enjoying being cuddled and scratched. Niwot is a boy with some fear/defensive aggression. He is also extremely attentive and truly wants to be a good boy so it doesn't take but a sharp "ah!" to get his attention redirected when someone(another dog) visits him at the fence that he is concerned about. Because of his tendencies I wanted him to have a fresh start; a new name that was regal and strong and honorable. Alison came back to me with the name "Ari". It means Fast Flying "Eagle" in a Norse language and it fit. Eagles also have great significance to me as they frequent Oake Lake as a great fishing spot and provide hours of "ooh" and "aah" time. Ari it is. (pronounced like the letters "R" and "E") Thank you to Alison for sharing her precious gift with us.

Ari is slowly settling in. He has found friends in Zala and Journey so far and is currently sharing a kennel with Zala. He and Phoenix sense that they have something in common or possibly even remember each other from puppyhood. He' s been enjoying his daily romps in the yard and has become quickly attached to us. The other day, when it was his turn to go back in his kennel but his kennel mate got to stay out and play, he escaped! He escaped to try to find us but not to run away. The moment he saw us, he paced up and down the fence with a big smile and wagging tail. This 75lb dog sneaked through a tiny area where the fencing was not properly connected to the gate frame. Hailey promptly wired the area back together and we've had no problems since.

Ari has been receiving 100mg of Zinc twice per day as he appeared to have what is called "Zinc Mal-absorption" or what we think of as a Zinc deficiency which can be common in northern breeds. It appeared as a "ridge" of almost inflamed looking nose surface where the nose meets his muzzle. After a few days on the Zinc, this ridge is disappearing. Otherwise he seems in perfect health.

We are anxious to begin fall training to see where he will fit in the team.

Welcome to your new home, Ari!

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