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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wimzi and Sister Sasha

Sasha and Wimzi

Wimzi and Sasha will be 6 months old on Monday. Although they look a bit alike, they have two completely different body types. It is so fun to see the different lines in one litter express themselves.

Although Sasha appears to be a bit taller in the photos, they are actually within a quarter inch of each other. Wimzi is 25 inches at the shoulder and Sasha is 24 3/4 inches. Sasha continues to take after her grandpa Zulu in body type while Wimzi is more like grandma Jesse, the foundation female for what we call our "Zulu" line. Jesse is more stocky and muscular. So, like grandma Jesse, Wimzi is just plain solid with a little bit of leg versus Sasha who is very leggy!

Jesse's lines originated in a kennel that bred racing endurance dogs for the Beargrease Marathon. Zulu's lines originated with Susan Butcher's famous lead dog Granite. Her lines were bred for the Iditarod. Since our Zulu line began, we have not been selecting for racing traits but for freight and trap line dog characteristics which were more traditionally found in bush villages in Alaska where dogs were used for subsistence living including the type of work done on a trap line team.

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