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Monday, August 2, 2010

McKenzie Turned 9 Years Old Yesterday!

Accomplishing the "sit" command

And now a "shake"!

McKenzie got to celebrate his birthday with his soon-to-be new family yesterday. When Rich arrived with Wahya and Niwot, his family drove over to meet them. We also had a chance to let McKenzie and Wahya meet. Both got lots of treats for McKenzie's birthday and were tested on their obedience by being asked to "sit". McKenzie surprised all of us when he quickly learned how to shake for a treat!

McKenzie is the father to Journey, White Feather and Topa. He is an extremely calm and mild mannered boy. When being hooked up to a dog sled, however, some of the most strange noises I've ever heard come out of that dog as he proclaims his excitement for the task he was born to do!

Happy Birthday, McKenzie!

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