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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Canicross Hike 2010; Minnewashta Regional Park

Rich and Lexy with Wahya. Kristen and Maddy, a black lab mix, in the background.

Julie and Sam, a springer spaniel.

Off we go!

Time for a dip in the lake.

Wayha cools off.

Kristen and Maddy

Wimzi and Katsu resting by the lake. When resting, we remove the lines from the dogs' harnesses and clip them on their collars so they get the cue that they are no longer working and can just relax. Wimzi is now 54lbs and taller than Grandma Tuloon!

There is one word that describes our hike this morning; WET. Thankfully, with the wet came cool temps as they remained in the upper 60s.

We were excited to welcome a couple new "teams" today. Julie and Sam, a springer spaniel, came from North Dakota to join us for the hike. Sam is extremely friendly and eager and just wanted to do what everyone else was going. He dug in and did it well. Julie praised him to reinforce what he was doing right and quickly got him back on track with he wasn't doing what was expected. "Tighten up" and "pull" were the main commands for this team today.

Rich joined us with daughter Lexy and their new family member Wahya, one of the 2007 Points Unknown Tuloon/Bazil puppies. She recently returned to Points Unknown due to unforeseen circumstances and we were anxious to see how she would do in harness. Since all of her siblings are known for their intense drive, we were hopeful that she too, would have inherited this desire. Right from the start, she gave Rich a nice challenge as she leaped up in the air and banged her harness to get going then kept her head down and pulled her little heart out for the entire hike. She's got it! Rich did an excellent job at keeping her on task during the rare events that she stopped to sniff. Lexy did an awesome job keeping up with all of us and wants to try to canicross hike herself with Wayha on a more sunny day.

Despite the fact that we were all soaking wet, it was a great hike. Of course, the dogs didn't care one bit about the rain and it made their adventure so much nicer.

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