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Monday, July 12, 2010

Water Bucket Frog

Tuloon would never dream of drinking contaminated water

Our Froggie friend

A sunny day, lounging in the pool

Today will be the third time I have "saved" this little guy from what I thought continued to be a bad decision on his part. Making your way into a sled dog's water bucket can often mean a swift death. Froggie knew who he was dealing with. There was no way that Miss Tuloon would even consider drinking from a water bucket with a slimy green thing floating inside much less would she even contemplate placing said slimy green thing in her mouth!

Tuloon's water was up next for changing and since our froggie friend appeared to be safe and enjoying his swim I would leave him there until I changed the water. Until then, I placed Topa in with Tuloon for a moment while I swapped some other dog play groups around. Remembering about Mr. Frog and how I had just placed an unknown factor upon him(Topa), I quickly walked toward the kennel and was taken aback when I saw Topa, ever-so-gently, scoop him up in her mouth and place him on the ground. No blood, no gore. Just an intact frog with a sled dog standing over him, looking down and puzzling at its means of getting from place to place. Topa cocked her head from side to side and watched as he hopped under the dog house. She then walked over and took a drink from the frogless water bucket.

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