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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Canicross Hike 2010 - Luce Line Trail

Sasha's first Canicross Hike. She leans into her harness just like Uncle Klaus.

Cute "little" Sasha

A tangle of happy dogs

There we go. A little more straight.

Marilyn with our German Sled Dog member(German Shepherd). Conan is cooling off with a wet shammy on his back. What a great idea!

Kristen and Ziggy lead the way. Ziggy is a black lab/pointer cross and leans into his harness like a pro.

Diane and Sierra take a rest. Sierra has a huge beautiful coat and did well with the heat.

Chad and Katsu. Chad adopted Katsu from Adopt-A-Husky 6 years ago.

Our bicycle training moment

Rich took Oken out today so he could get his dog "fix". He doesn't have any dogs.... yet.

Horses approach as we practice our "haw over" command. This means to stay to the left.

Although the road is closed no one seems to believe it and they continue on until there are barricades. Our biker friends passed by twice which gave White Feather another exposure to this type of vehicle and how to behave when one approaches.

Last but not least, the cyclers! We caught Sasha misbehaving as she ventured out to get a closer look.

Temps were in the mid 60s when we began our hike at the Points Unknown Kennel this morning. Oken and White Feather where the chosen ones for this hike because they were two of only a few that were fully shed. We would love to work with others but this heat only allows for the "naked" dogs to be relatively comfortable. The humidity has been higher than ideal so we planned to meet at 8AM.

The county road near the kennel is closed for construction so we headed out on this route to catch the Luce Line Trail. Three water stops were planned and each time, they were much needed as the humidity and temperature slowly crept up.

There were some great training moments on the trail with bicycle traffic and folks with dogs on leash. Thankfully on leash! When we hit the county road on the return, bikers, horses and groups of bicyclists created even more distraction. Oken didn't bat an eye at any of the distraction and is becoming a seasoned lead dog. White Feather, just having turned a year old, is still learning about such distractions and nearly jumped out of her skin when the first group of bicyclists came rushing by.

All in all, it was a great 2 hour hike. We had TWO dogs in attendance that were not northern breed dogs! We'd love to have more! You can teach any dog how to pull!

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