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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kennel Tour

The entrance to the dog yard with our Clematis in full bloom.

Picket fence serving as a bowl drier.

Four kennels are "lakefront"

Route up the hill to either the "dog yard" play yard or the "back yard" play yard.

Double gated entry into the back yard for the safety of our little house dogs.

The "dog yard" play yard is all uphill so a lot of exercise can be had by the dogs as they chase each other around.

Interior kennel with another behind it.

We've been pretty happy about our kennel set up and will try to come up with a similar and more improved version once Points Unknown moves to what has been our winter home in the past, for good. At the moment, there are eight, 6' high kennels which will be expanded to nine, 10' high kennels up north. We have two very large fenced-in play areas currently with only a 4' fence around them. Our new home will have three even larger play areas with 10' fence around them as the snow gets much deeper and there are more concerns about predators.

A big concern for us is that the mosquitoes and black flies are outrageously thick during a couple months of the year so we will have indoor/outdoor kennels so the dogs can escape the bugs. The doorways to the interior portion of the kennel will be swinging metal, heavy duty, dog doors so that the little buggers don't just follow them inside. Of course, this indoor kennel will need to be well ventilated if the temperatures increase outside. More details in the works!

Our plans are coming along nicely and we feel lucky to be able to provide our dogs with such luxury, even if it means that the home for the humans becomes smaller and less luxurious.

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