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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Canicross Hike; Minnewashta Regional Park

Wading in the water

Hailey with her "fav", Mr. Zodi

White Feather "hit the deck" when the dock began to rock.

Jasny with Mia

Waiting for Mia to jump off the dock

Weekend temps and humidity were awful and not conducive to a canicross hike of good length. We arrived at 8AM hoping to get a good hike in before the heat came. An hour long hike is all we could manage as the dogs were showing signs of being overheated. We spend just about as much time in the water as we did on the trail. The dogs loved the water! The people were pretty happy to be standing in it as well.

This was Jasney's first canicross hike! And she didn't even know she would be handling a dog all of her own until she stepped out of the truck. Surprise! She did a super job and caught on quickly.

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