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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Smiling baby Wimzi with sister behind

Wimzi meets Grandma Tuloon

Just after her bath

She'll be a big girl! Look at those thick legs!

Wimzi's gorgeous sister, currently known as Bonkerz (this was Neil's idea, sorry Chris! :o)

Many things to update the blog with but first..............Wimzi! Zimbi, the late Zulu's daughter, gave birth to 6 beautiful pups almost 7 weeks ago. At the time we first posted about this event, we were anxiously waiting for the DNA testing to determine which of the fine males was actually the sire of the pups as a second had been introduced when the first didn't show much interest. Q, one of the Points Unknown 2007 Tuloon/Bazil(Zulu's son) puppies sired all pups. This means we have a line breeding with a heavy influence from our Zulu line. Even though we had hoped for Phoenix puppies out of this litter, we couldn't be happier to have a large dose of Zulu back in our kennel!

We initially had planned to keep two females from this wonderful litter, however decided that Chris, our long time dog handler, would really benefit by adding a third dog to his kennel.

Wimzi, the pup joining Points Unknown kennel, and her sister will be 7 weeks old on Monday, March 15th. Wimzi is a wonderfully curious, calm and modestly confident dog. She will fit well into our kennel. Her sister, who we are calling Bonkerz until Chris's family gives her a name (does this tell you a little bit about her personality?), will be leaving us tomorrow morning. Chris and his family are extremely excited! This little girl is full of fun, curious, eager to please and loves people and other dogs.

Welcome home Wimzi!

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