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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arkansas Visitors

Andy with Wimzi

What a beautiful sight!

We had a chance to spend last week with family as my parents and nephew made the 16 hour drive from Arkansas for a visit. Blueberry had put up with the pestering by Wimzi too long, now it was Andy's turn to take over! He kept the house dogs, including Wimzi, fully entertained playing with toys and fetching the ball for hours on end.

There were many things to do in the dog yard and Andy was very helpful keeping the dogs occupied while I raked straw from their kennels and carrying water buckets to each kennel as the water line in the dog yard is still frozen. A long hose attached to a spigot at the house runs to only one kennel. From there, the water buckets are filled and distributed. I assured him that the next time he visits, he will have had enough experience moving those water buckets that he might be able to spare the entire front of his pants becoming soaked with water. Lift out and away from the body as you walk.

Mollie, the family Sheltie, came along for a vacation as well. She and Tuloon didn't hit if off very well. Each would lift a lip at the other as they walked by. At one point, a noise was heard while all of the "house" dogs were outside. A quick investigation revealed Tuloon laying on top of Mollie, making absolutely no contact with her mouth. It was obvious that she didn't want to hurt the 10 year old Sheltie, but she certainly wanted to dominate her. Mollie (and all of the people) didn't need the stress of managing these two and their personality conflict so Tuloon got to spend the remainder of their visit in the dog yard with the other sled dogs.

While our visitors were here, spring wildlife began to show itself and we were graced by the presence of a Bald Eagle that landed on the ice directly in front of the house. No doubt it was investigating the status of the ice break-up as it anxiously awaited fishing season. Knowing that it was looking for food, I quickly ran outside to bring the puppy and little house dogs inside before continuing to enjoy its presence. No little dog snacks for you! The very next day, a weasel was seen romping along the shoreline on the ice where the Eagle had been. A comedy show commenced as a red-winged black bird, which had just announced himself two weeks ago on Oake Lake, pecked the unsuspecting weasel in the hind quarters, sending it straight up in the air then straight into a hole in the ice to seek refuge. Moments later, up it popped from the icy waters and continued its stroll along the lake, maybe a bit more cautiously than before.

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