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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ice Almost Out

White line reminders of early winter when Neil sunk an ax in the ice to check the depth. One penetration of the ax into the ice sent a chain reaction of cracking all across the lake. This then allowed water to seep up through the cracks creating a different surface color at the cracks as the water flowed over the existing ice.

Ice pulling away from the shore

I can't believe it. Here it is, not even April, and the ice is almost off the lake. I do know that if we have no snow in March this year we will beat a record on the books from the late 1800s. What is going on here?

The sled dogs appear to be anxious to start a new season. They could use a rest from all of our winter activities, as can the mushers. Spring is here!

Today, on Oake Lake, it sounded as if we were on the northshore with all of the seagulls squawking. Eight Hooded Mergansers were spotted paddling along the shoreline where the ice no longer exists; a male/female pair and a five male/1 female group. I love this time of year on Oake Lake!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, our friend, the Blue Heron came gliding past the window, hesitantly landing on the shore then taking off again as if to say, "Wait, this is just way too soon. This can't be right. I'd better check the memo again."

Large white and gray birds, yet to be identified and possibly in the Kite or Tern family, flew by one by one, looking down upon the lake. A red tailed hawk glided quickly by the window and landed in the shag bark Silver Maple Tree.

The birds have returned!

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