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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oake Lake Run

Icoa smiles for the camera

Sandy, a past Points Unknown advanced women's adventure participant, joined us yesterday with Corey, a beginner musher, for a run on Oake Lake. Temps were in the upper teens with sunny and bright blue skies. Neil sat out this run and took all of these beautiful photos.

Sandy and Corey's team consisted of Phoenix and Tuloon in lead, Zala in points and Zodiak and Sweet Pea in wheel.

Phoenix spots something off to the right.

And he goes directly for it.

As Sandy shouts "Haw" which means to go left , he turns on a dime which is unusual because the leaders typically only take commands from their full time musher.


My team consisted of Oken and Klaus in lead, Journey in point and Icoa and McKenzie in wheel.


Sandy and team

Corey was the passenger for the first half of the trip

Our baby Oken in single lead! (Oken is now 2 years old)

Klaus has been testing me for the past few runs and attempted to do so again for this run. He has been refusing to take commands which is so unlike him. Something had to be done, as I was tired of waiting for him to respond so decided he would be removed from lead until I can analyze the issue and come up with a solution. Oken got his chance at single lead and knocked my socks off! I fully expected him to be a bit concerned making it necessary for me to go up and give him a pep talk. No pep talk needed; just lots of praise from the runners as he ran straight ahead on the lake. I didn't want to overwhelm him with too many commands so he was only given two. He took them flawlessly! Good job, Oken!

Oken with Journey and Klaus behind.

Corey takes a turn on the runners.

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