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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Supporting the Lifestyle

Last year's Minnesota Honey Producers Association State Fair booth

Selling not only honey but honey lemonade and honey ice cream!

Did I forget to mention honey candy?

Since the dogs are only able to provide partial financial support for their mushers and our lifestyle, we must do other things to bring money into the pot. While Neil is back in England for a few weeks working in his business, as an "Operating Theatre Practitioner", I continue to do Real Estate Appraisals and handcraft Scent from Nature; 100% Pure Beeswax Candles. This year, however, I will be adding something new! (Hey, I thought this blog was about a quest for a more simple lifestyle?! Well, it is. And in this "quest" one must do what they have to do to be set up for the desired future. This doesn't always mean it will be easy or simple. But it sure makes for a fun and interesting journey!)

I've got a background in and experience with honey bees as well as business so I thought I would combine the two. The Minnesota Honey Producers Association had a need for a manager for their Minnesota State Fair Honey Booth and I submitted a proposal that was accepted! This is their annual fundraiser where honey and other items containing bee products produced by their members is sold. What fun! The Minnesota State Fair runs from August 26th - September 6th. We'll be looking for bee products produced by members of the organization so join if you make these products and would like to take part and aren't a member already AND we are also looking for individuals who would like to work at the booth selling those items! You don't have to be a member to work the booth. You just need to be reliable, willing to learn all you can about honey and share that with our customers and then sell, sell, sell!

The 12 days of the fair will be very fast paced. Thankfully, Neil will be here to take turns feeding and exercising the dogs as they are a #1 priority, of course. He may also take on a volunteer shift or two at the fair. You can't live in Minnesota or visit Minnesota during the summer without going to the State Fair!

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