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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update on New Hampshire Pups


Tumac - look at the legs on that boy!

Hana is roughly the same height now as Tumac but has more fine features.

Hana plays follow the leader with Rosie who happens to be Phoenix's sister.
All photos supplied by Lidia at Uktousa Kennel

Tumac and Hana are living the luxury life in New Hampshire as they are still what Lidia considers "bed" dogs before they graduate to sled dogs. Just as their sisters Topa and White Feather, they are growing like weeds and have long thick legs and big feet. Long walks with the pups have determined that they are driven to pull and at the same time enjoy being babied and cuddled by their musher.

There is no better place for these two than at Uktousa Kennel. We are excited to watch them grow and can't wait for the first day they run with the team!

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