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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phoenix and McKenzie with the Puppies

Topa and White Feather, what beautiful girls!

You can't tell that White Feather is her fathers' daughter...

Topa playfully greets her papa.

Legs run in the family (no pun intended)

These are some big 15 week old puppies when you compare with 70+lb Phoenix.

What a fun group shot!

Fun times

Phoenix in the play bow for the pups

He lays down for them so they don't feel as intimidated. What a good boy!

Phoenix the goof

Today was the first time that papa McKenzie and Phoenix spent a significant amount of time with the puppies, Topa and White Feather. It is so nice to have two big and powerful, intact males who not only get along well enough to live together but also that play carefully with puppies.

McKenzie likes to be a bit stoic and not let the pups know that he likes them showing interest in him. But the second they show more interest in Phoenix, he makes sure to be included.

Phoenix is a goof. He lays down for the puppies so they don't feel as intimidated by him and rolls on this back, legs flailing in the air.

What a show!

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