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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Points Unknown Chefs and the Amazing Farm to Table Event!

Neil at Star Thrower Farm

Our guys J.D. and Scott

Scott on his "Big Green Tractor". If you know country music, you know how the song goes...

Icelandic Sheep being guarded by the Llama couple.

Dinner was served in a 105 year old barn. All candles supplied by Scent from Nature; 100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Alright, well, I guess we can't truly claim them as our very own. They are independent and not to mention, have restaurants of their own, but they seem so much like family to us that we can't help but want to keep them all to ourselves.

Scott Pampuch owner of Corner Table Restaurant in Minneapolis, MN and J.D. Fratzke owner of The Strip Club Meat & Fish in St. Paul, MN have been with us for several years now, thoughtfully preparing meals for our Points Unknown Women's Winter Adventures from mainly locally grown and all natural/organic ingredients. They are passionate about what they do and we support and respect their values and ideals when it comes to what they create in the kitchen and how they do it. The fact that they both love dogs and each has one of their own, just makes them even more special to us.

Sunday evening we were fortunate to be invited to the last of five of Scott's Tour de Farm events with J.D. in lead (in dog mushing lingo). The setting for the event was Star Thrower Farms, a local farm sustainably, humanely and thoughtfully raising Icelandic Sheep for their milk, meat and wool. What an outstanding concept, this whole Tour de Farm! I think that we humans have become so complacent about our food. And many don't realize what they are eating and much less how it was raised or from where it came. Food shouldn't come from a factory and include all types of artificial substances. You are what you eat! It should come from a farm. Our food shouldn't include unnatural growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides, just to name a few. Just like sled dogs, the quality of food that goes in, expresses itself on the outside. Dogs with a poor coat, that aren't functioning to their full potential, that suffer from allergies, etc, could just need a better diet! (Stepping off the podium now.....)

It sure was a fun evening; full moon, good food, wonderful setting, hosted by special people who we are also proud to call friends.

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