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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ilu and Icoa

Ilu and his beautiful brown eyes

Icoa smiles for the camera

Ilu jumps up for a snack on the crabapple tree

Ilu and Icoa are our two Canadian Inuit Dogs. Icoa is 6 years old and her son, Ilu is 4 years old. They are quite the pair!

Since Tukisi and Isis went to their retirement home last month we had been concerned about how Ilu and Icoa may take this change, considering they are now the only two of their kind left in the kennel, surrounding by our freight Alaskan Huskies. They have done very well and a new dynamic has been created in the kennel. They actually seem a bit more relaxed which is exactly what we had hoped. You see, Isis and Icoa had a big rivalry that created tension in the kennel. With her source of tension gone, she can now relax.

Now that the cool weather has arrived, they are more than anxious to be out on the trail and they bounce on their hind legs, peering over the top of the 6' kennels, whenever it appears as though we are loading the truck for training.

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