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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hard Choices

Tuloon with her puppy girls at about 15 weeks old. Tuloon blew her coat entirely after having the pups and is completely naked. Her new coat is just beginning to come in.

Topa has such a wonderful build with beautiful lines. She is almost as big as half sister Zala!

Sweet Pea and the pups run off to play

Showing proper respect to 13 year old Zulu

White Feather is almost as tall as Topa and has a slightly heavier build.

As most of you know, there are many things in life you'd rather be doing that what you really need to be doing at the moment. Today was one of those hard choices days. Run dogs vs working on real estate appraisals. The weather was perfect! Temps in upper 20s, ice on the buckets, the leaves are turning beautiful reds and yellows, the air is brisk and the dogs are hyped! Vs I have a deadline, I can't let my office down, I have bills to pay, the dogs and I need to eat, electricity is nice to have sometimes and you've got to pay the bill to keep it! Appraisals won. The dogs understand. As long as they are able to get out and play together, it seems they get as excited about that as running so no problems there. It's just the musher/appraiser that feels the pain of hard choices at the moment. Oh well. No pity party allowed. There just isn't time! So between steps in the appraisal process, I swap over play groups and hang out with my canine companions for a bit before the computer calls or the phone rings again!

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