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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Visiting Alaska Relatives - Part I

Kim Fitzgerald and Tulipq, mother to Points Unknown's Phoenix

12 1/2 year old Umi

13 1/2 year old Silik

Two of Kim's younger dogs, Tulipq and McKenzie.

12 year old Migo.

While in Alaska, it was important to get to know the relatives. We spent a few days at Mush Knik kennel in Knik. Kim Fitzgerald is responsible for beginning the efforts to preserve and grow the Hedlund Husky line and has some of the old timers still in her dog yard. Sadly, her foundation female, Lupe, passed away last year. She was 16 years old.

We were sad to hear that Journey's litter will be the very last of that Kim will have of her own. She has many old dogs now and plans to be involved with Hedlund breedings, however will not replace her old dogs as they pass on. Thankfully, she has relationships with owners of other Hedlund Huskies in the area and plans to give those dogs a job during the winter; being ambassador sled dogs in her Mush Knik sledding business.

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