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Friday, August 17, 2007

Pups going home.

Waiting for their turn with the vet.

Pups from left to right, Nellie, Journey, Daisy and Canyon.

Kim and Melanie taking the girls on one last walk before their trip.

Kim with pups.

Two of the pups were ready to go to their new home with Lidia in New Hampshire during our visit. The remaining pups were first taken to the vet for the health certificates necessary for their plane travel. Having extra hands available was a necessity, as the pups were quite exuberant, as an understatement.

During our vet visit, one of the owner's of a pup already placed met us for another little family reunion. Canyon has one blue eye, is just as sweet as can be and lives with a family in the area, with two young girls.

The male from the litter, Flint, went to his new home the week previous when his new owner Bob, who had been working in Alaska for the previous months, picked him up and drove back to his and Helen's home in North Dakota to join a kennel of Samoyeds and Mals.

After the vet check for the New Hampshire bound pups, it was off to the airport for check-in. One last walk for the travelers and in the crates they went, to arrive safely in Boston and to their anxiously awaiting new family, the next morning.

All pups are doing extremely well in their new homes. Its been fun to find out about some of the common threads in this amazing litter as their personalities unfold in their new settings. Extreme friendliness, intelligence and adaptability is shared by each pup. Something unexpected is that all five seem to have a very strong pull to water. Many puppy stories shared seem to involve constant play in the water buckets, pools, etc. It will be interesting to see how this love for water evolves as they become working sled dogs.

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