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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Journey's Harness Introduction

Journey attempting to hide behind my backpack before the hike.

10 minutes into the hike she decided no more leash walking. She wanted to pull!

12 week old Journey.

Hedlund Husky - water dog?

Her first swim.

Today was our Points Unknown Canicross Hiking club hike. The intention was to have Journey come along for some socialization and to have her learn to walk on leash while getting used to wearing a harness. An oversize harness was placed on the 12 week old pup, not intended to use it, and once all the other dogs were ready to go, it was apparent that Journey was not interested in just walking along. She wanted to pull! I clipped the leash to the back of the harness and she didn't waste any time leaping into the air, slamming her harness as she whined to get moving. 12 weeks old. Amazing.

For the remainder of the hike, Journey spent her time divided between pulling in harness, walking on the leash and free running. From the looks of it, she would have been just fine pulling the entire time, however I didn't want her to over do it so she was given some variety.

Journey also continues to be quite the water dog. Upon our arrival at the beach, she promptly jumped into the water and began to splash around. The waves from the passing motor boats threw her for a momentary loop. There are no waves in her water bucket or in the pools at home. She quickly adapted to this new phenomenon and went about her business, swimming, sloshing and digging in the water.

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