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Friday, August 17, 2007

Horseback Riding and Salmon Fishing

Melanie, the skillful rider

Proud fisherman

Having not been on a horse but 4 times in my life, I was hesitant to commit to accompany my young dog handler when she suggested horseback riding during our Alaska visit. Melanie has taken riding lessons for 2 years and is a skillful rider. I, on the other hand, am not. Being a dog musher, I am a risk taker. The thought of riding such a huge and unfamiliar animal however, gives me pause.

After days of clouds and rain, this day was the first partly cloudy day. Blue Skies! I had to take advantage of the day and was up for adventure so off we went.... horseback riding. The guide led us along a small river, leading to Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska. The trail through the thick Alder brush was a bit challenging. All I had to do was stay on the horse and hang on. Easier said than done when every other step, a "sweeper" threatens to upset your balance and knock you silly, not to mention the leaning involved so as not to get your leg caught in the brush and get swept off the horse. (All this while taking pictures) This is very much like dog mushing! Once I made the connection, I began having wild thoughts of going back to Minnesota and getting a horse. I came to my senses when considering the amount of time it already takes to care for my 11 sled dogs. Back to reality.

I mentioned Salmon fishing. The guide brought along her young Golden Retriever. Since the Salmon were running, he delighted in finding a large school and the fishing began. He finally caught one and left it in the bushes for the many eagles we saw along the way.

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