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Tuesday, August 28, 2007



Tukisi, meaning "he who understands" in Inuktitut, turned eight this year. He has never been a power-house puller, being a rescue and not even put in a harness until the age of four, but he has been serious about his job up until this past season. Tuki just decided he didn't want to pull one day. He also became a bit more noisy than his usual mildly "screechy" self and I just wondered...... I've always said that the dogs will decide for themselves when they want to or need to retire. I was just hoping it wouldn't be this early for Tukisi.

This summer, his coat has been very coarse and difficult to get a brush through. He also has just begun to shed but not very much. Keeping weight off this boy in the past few months has been difficult. All of the signs began to add up.

I took Tuki in for a blood test last week, suspecting a thyroid issue. The diagnosis came back today. He does indeed have hypothyroidism and begins his medication tomorrow. With medication, he can get back to his leaner, more healthy self and should feel up to working just as hard as he did before. And if he doesn't feel like working, well, he can just take his turn on the hammock in the backyard and enjoy the view. Hypothyroid sled dogs on medication can lead normal lives other than the need for a pill once or twice a day.

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