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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuloon the Princess

The Princess

Those aren't chocolate chips in there!

I only wish I had someone to cook for me like this!

A blood test was done on August 20th and indeed Tuloon is pregnant! This was much awaited news.

Since my return from Alaska, Tuloon as not been eating well. She will skip a day here and there. It has been hot and muggy which could contribute to her lack of appetite, however it appears as though she is just becoming a more picky eater with her pregnancy. (Or this is a form of rebellion for my bringing the puppy back from Alaska) Either way, she needs to eat so the experimenting began.

She seems to like frozen treats and raw meat so I started there. Nature's Variety makes some small frozen raw medallions that she found acceptable, however these are way too expensive to be her main diet for the next few months. Continuing along those lines I came up with the following: 1lb of raw liver, 2lbs of raw lean pork, 8 hard-boiled eggs, 4 carrots, 4 celery stalks and 28 multi-vitamin tablets, all of which ended up in the food processor to make a nice paste. This was then combined with 1 bag of white rice cooked, 3 ice cream scoops of Redpaw's Balanced Fat formula and a heaping bowl of Redpaw's 38/25 kibble. Patties were formed and frozen.

After all of that work it had to be put to the test. Thankfully she ate her first meal of it wholeheartedly. She turned her nose up to the second meal, however, and didn't eat the entire day except for a few raw medallions from Nature's Variety. This morning she ate it but only after letting Zulu loose in her pen and dumping it on the ground. I wonder what this evening's feeding will hold. I'm not about to dress in a butler outfit and serve her from a silver platter but I bet she would like it. That's my little princess.

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