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Friday, April 29, 2011

Daisy/Tumac Puppies Update

Wishbone, half asleep


Rigel the super giant!

Honey and Pear(with the piercing eyes)
*Illy and Aise photos in a previous post.

Five months ago now, Daisy (Journey's sis) gave birth to seven healthy puppies at Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire. Our own Tumac (Tuloon/McKenzie 2009 pup) was the sire. It's hard to believe how quickly they have grown. Illy and Aise are now bigger than our smallest adult, Zala. Their thick legs and big feet tell us they've got a lot of growing to go! We couldn't be happier with our two pups from this beautiful litter.

This breeding brought out some very interesting coats in the Hedlund line that we've not yet seen; some very BIG coats which may be a throw back to the Malamute that was introduced in the Hedlund line many years ago. Illy, Wishbone and TJ appear to have a more typical northern breed coat. Illy's coat is very similar to that of an Inuit dog puppy with its dense undercoat and coarse guard hairs. Wishbone has bright sky blue eyes that are not as typical but have appeared in the Hedlund line throughout the years. Pear's intense gaze is very much a Hedlund trait and Illy's aloofness and independence remind me of her Grandma Tuloon when she was a puppy. Rigel, living in Mornington Crescent Kennel in Maine, reminds me of their Grandpa McKenzie with his thick legs, big feet and big coat. Those ears will come up soon! I recall it taking 6-7 months for Phoenix's ears to stand straight up.

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