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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Canicross Hikes 2011 - Lake Minnewashta

Illy at 5 mos

Kristen with Maddy

Robin with Harley

Aise heads back to the truck

The sisters spend some time on the dock


Colin and Harley take a break

Katsu plays with the puppies

Aise's got her head to the ground, making sure she stays in the lead.

Katsu and Maddy lead the way

The morning couldn't have been any better for our first Canicross Hike of the season with temps in the mid 60s and bright blue skies. We were so excited to welcome a new hiker team today; Robin, Harley and Colin joined us. Harley and Colin became the first Rough Collie members of the group and they picked it up pretty quickly.

The "chosen ones" from the Points Unknown kennel were the puppies; Aise and Illy. This was their very first Canicross Hike. Talk about impatient! Thankfully, I was reminded that when I first brought Wimzi she was just as impatient, bouncing and flipping and looking back to go. We were just going too slow for them and they wanted to keep up with the group so flipped and flopped around in protest. Once we joined the group and got the "vinegar" out of them in the first portion of the hike, they pulled like pros. Well, they are still puppies, so this goofiness is to be expected. (I remind myself) Little stinkers. Just can't wait for fall training when those pups will be hooked up with the big dogs. By then, they'll be big dogs!

Katsu and Maddy remained in lead much of the time with the puppies and the Collies not far behind. Alison and her son Eli joined us from Minneapolis for the first time and borrowed one of the puppies for the hike.

The Husky Hike is next weekend with all proceeds going to the Adopt A Husky Rescue organization! Join us if you can. Otherwise our next Canicross Hike is on May 28th at Lake Maria State Park.

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