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Monday, April 4, 2011

Zodi and Wimzi; Kennel Mates!

Wimzi at 14 months

Wimzi's uncle Zodiak at almost 4 years old

Wimzi prances around the yard

The two have very similar builds

Noses in the same place with no issues! Big change for Zodiak.

You can't believe how completely unbelievable it is that I think we just might have a good kennel mate for Zodiak! Zodiak is a real sweet boy to humans (unless he's trying to push MY buttons) and he loves kids, however he seems to have issues with most dogs. He loves to play with them until they try to take something that is his or even go in the vicinity of something he thinks might be his. He is an intense resource guarder which makes him potentially dangerous around other dogs. He also has the Zulu line "edge" versus the mild mannered nature of the Hedlund Husky, of which he is half on paper, but obviously not half in the actual genetic distribution.

Wimzi is 3/4 Zulu line on paper and displays close to 100% of those traits. She is 1/4 Hedlund Husky. Wimzi has that darn stubborn edgy thing that is buried in the Zulu line that really tries my nerves at times. It's funny how this all evolved because Zulu is nothing like most of the dogs in our Zulu line. The foundation female, Jesse, in the Zulu line appears to have had the dominant genetics in that breeding because I see more of her in many of these dogs than I do Zulu. On the opposite end, the dogs in this line are excellent sled dogs with superb drive and intense focus so we've got to take the good with the annoying.

I had wondered if the two would get along and figured that they would because they were so much alike or they wouldn't because they were so much alike. But I had wanted to wait until Wimzi was old enough and large enough in size so as not to be injured during play. Turns out that Wimzi is very similar to Zodiak but much more submissive. This makes Zodiak happy. Wimzi also has the guts to egg him on and then has the smarts to back down when she knows she can't win and won't be getting from him what she's after. So far, it works! Good thing for Zodiak because otherwise, he'd have to live the life of a bachelor, just getting out to play with a couple other dogs but never living with them.

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