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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aise & Illy; Nearly 5 months old

Illy has the identical build to our Journey which is her mother's sister; stocky and solid with an excellent dense coat. Although she has shorter legs, she is exhibiting a lot of our other ideal "Hedlund" traits.

Aise is very attentive and less aloof than Illy. She has longer legs than Illy and a very dense but different coat. She has quite a few "Hedlund" mannerisms and her build fits in with our Hedlund ideals.

Sweet Pea, the beloved adoptive mom, deserves a lot of credit for helping to raise these pups.

Aise is still above Illy in the pack hierarchy, however Illy tries to assert herself every chance she gets. This didn't begin to happen until her head tremors ended, interestingly enough.

Aise is all smiles. Considering their Aunt White Feather has missing teeth, we've been watching these pups closely and are happy to report that they both appear to have mouths filled with teeth!

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