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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Dogs!

They each know which morsels are theirs

Ari, what a handsome boy!

Zala eats mud

Ari tries to interfere with Zala eating mud

And goofy play ensues

Noses to the ground

The only shot of Ilo I could get standing still

Wimzi and Topa play

Topa tries a neck hold on Wimzi

Phoenix. Topa is peering out from below the hill. Funny shot!


Wimzi and Topa

Journey has a very solid build and looks shorter than she actually is. Her super dense coat hides the length of her legs.

Zodiak tries to intimidate White Feather and, of course, it works. White Feather quickly recovers from the oppression and runs around enticing him to chase her.

The smiling faces of Tuloon and Sweet Pea

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