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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuloon Turns 6 Today!

Hailey with Tuloon who turns six today!

Tuloon turns six years old today! This beautiful and smart Hedlund Husky has been one of our leaders since she was very young. She's had two phenomenal litters and will be spayed in the near future. Tuloon won't be having any more litters and by spaying her, it decreases her chances of having related health issues as she gets older.

Tuloon has the softest coat of any husky I know. She loves the little house dogs and was even desperate to have Copper, our three legged, 12lb dachshund/poodle mix, sire her first litter! (Copper is fixed.) This girl is one of the many spoiled princesses, or shall I say she is now the "queen", of the dog yard at Points Unknown.

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