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Monday, June 28, 2010

Topa and White Feather Turn a Year Old!

White Feather (AKA, Woofer, Wifi and Woofie)


Our 2009 Tuloon/McKenzie Hedlund Husky litter, that included our own Topa and White Feather, turned a year old yesterday. They are both such wonderful girls. They were in harness for only a few short runs last year to get their feet wet. Both showed an excellent work ethic including an intense drive and focus and enjoyed being out on the trail with us. They even got a chance to do some winter camping with no complaints.

Our 2010 fall training season begins once the temps consistently remain below 50 degrees. White Feather and Topa will now be full members of our team and we are so looking forward to fall training with them! Each will be tested in various positions in the team this fall to determine where they excel and where there is room for improvement.

Both have been to obedience class this spring and have learned the basics. They continue to learn a little bit new each day as we continue to learn from them.

White Feather continues to be the "social butterfly" as she can be out in a play group with every group and gets along with every dog in the kennel. Topa seems to have issues with Journey and Zala continues to have issues with Topa so, due to these personality conflicts, she isn't playing unattended with either. Topa's favorite friend, however, is still Blueberry and she protects him like her own.

Happy First Birthday to White Feather and Topa!

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