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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ilu and Icoa Now in Canada

Me with Icoa and Ilu on their final day with us.

On Saturday, May 29th, Neil and I took the journey with Ilu and Icoa to Grand Forks, ND to meet Genevieve of the Inuit Sled Dog International who then took them back to her home north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

If you recall from a previous post, Ilu was diagnosed with discospondilitis and although he has been showing great signs of improvement and will be able to live a pain free life, it is probable that he will not be able to work in a team. With great sadness, we decided that it would be best for he and his lifelong kennel mate and mother, Icoa, to retire from the Points Unknown team and spend a life of retired Inuit Dog luxury with our friends in the Canadian bush.

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