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Monday, June 28, 2010

Play Time!

White Feather and Zodiak appear to have been superimposed on the background but are actually in flight across the yard!

Zala, supposedly pregnant. She reminds me of her mom, Tuloon (to the left), during her first pregnancy. She is as fit as a fiddle, acts pregnant and shows nothing. Here she is in her 48th day.

White Feather

Wimzi at 5 months old. She is close to 23 inches at the withers and so far, has the build of her grandmother on the Zulu line side. Grandma Jessie is also on the stocky side. At this age, it is any one's guess. Her sister Sasha has always been all legs even though she is shorter than Wimzi and is taking on more of grandpa Zulu's characteristics. Who knows. Wimzi could sprout some longer legs compared with her heavier build at any time!

Woofer stalks Journey

And she pounces!

That's my girl, Tuloon!

Oken, Journey and Woofer

Journey and Illo

Journey in action

Illo and Wimzi exchange a glance

All the girls stare at Illo, the new guy.

Illo and Journey chase White Feather. This is her favorite game!

All photos by Neil Slaughter

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