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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Watching us closely as she retreats into her shell

She is about 12 inches in diameter

The Snapping Turtles have that name for a reason. We are more worried about the dogs when one of these prehistoric looking creatures ventures into the dog yard than we are the turtle! These guys are not easily moved and its better just to wait and let them finish their business and move on than try to remove them yourself. They have an extremely long neck and can reach back to bite an unsuspecting hand if attempting to pick them up by the shell as you would their much milder cousins, the Painted Turtles. This guy (gal) took about an hour to lay her eggs then disappeared again into the lake.

These can be carnivorous creatures! During Rebecca's visit from the UK, she witnessed a large one snacking on the road-killed carcass of a raccoon. Poor Copper and Blue, our little dog mascots. They are restricted at times by the eagles flying above and now the snappers! Good thing they've got a bunch of big sled dogs watching after them.

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