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Saturday, April 10, 2010

White Feather and Sasha Go to Class

White Feather during play time

Sasha sits for a treat


Today was White Feather's turn at dog obedience class as she and Topa are alternating weeks. White Feather took to it quite a bit more quickly than Topa. Topa was a bit too concerned to stay focused for very long. I'm sure next week she'll have an easier time of it as it won't be "new" anymore. This was Wimzi's second class and she continued to amaze us with her focus and eagerness to please. At 11 weeks old she's got a consistent "sit" and a very good "down" and "wait" and does not pull on the leash when walking.

Chris, our excellent dog handler, joined us with Wimzi's sister Sasha. Those legs of hers just continue to grow longer and she has a wonderful coat and beautiful markings. Wimzi went out of her way to immediately show Sasha that she was the boss and after the initial reintroduction during play time, they took turns pinning each other to the floor during subsequent play periods.

Sasha is a bit less focused than Wimzi at this stage but did catch on quickly. She was very outgoing while meeting new dogs and the new surroundings didn't bother her in the least.

Fun stuff!

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