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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apple Blossom Bloom in April!

I caught this honey bee gathering nectar and pollen from our apple blossoms.

One of the many red winged black birds that resides on our Oake Lake paradise.

Look closely and you'll see the pollen sack on the honey bee's leg. They pack the pollen into these sacks with their legs and when they fly into their hive there is a little brush that flicks the pollen out of the sack and into a tray below the hive. Pollen is a super vitamin and has the highest protein content of any food. Now that's amazing!

Caught in flight

On the approach...

Honey bees are amazing creatures!

'Tis the season when honey bees begin gathering the nectar they will then turn into honey and the very precious beeswax used in our Scent from Nature: 100% Pure Beeswax Candles!

The apple trees in our orchard are blooming much earlier than I can remember. Since winter ended the beginning of March this year, it is only natural that everything else would be early.

I was able to catch on disk, some of our special worker bees in action as they pollinate and gather nectar from our apples trees. How exciting it is to watch them go from blossom to blossom!

The bees zoom through the sled dog kennels on their way too and from their destinations. Many of the dogs jump up and try to snatch them out of the air and each time, can't seem to remember or don't seem to care that they sting! Sweet Pea is notorious for this. I recall the first time she was stung on the snout. One side of her face swelled up to double its size. Benedryl saved the day. Now she is able to snatch them with no reaction to the stinger venom. I figure that she is only making the bee population stronger by knocking off the weak ones. It's survival of the fittest for our honey bee friends once they enter the dog kennels!

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