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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Accomplishment

And the digging begins!

All done!

Rebecca was finally able to fly home to England last Wednesday, four days after her scheduled departure, when the airlines thought it safe to be in the the same skies with volcanic dust from Iceland. She said that it was bitter sweet as although she loved more time here with the dogs, she was missing the start of her last term and it would be a big job to catch up with the school work.

During her extended stay, she began to dig out the back yard kennel which had been, at times, unusable due to the black dirt base. Our plans were to dig down at least eight inches, dump a load of sand then top it off with patio pavers. This area would serve as the kennel for older puppies or dogs transitioning in the evening to the house. The pavers would make this area extra clean which translates to extra clean dogs. After our research concluded that pavers would be far too expensive, we will opt to lay down some dig-out wire then top it off with several inches of a sandy base which allows for better drainage and cleaner dogs. Basically, this is the same system in our main kennels.

Not only did Rebecca begin digging out the kennel, she finished the morning she left! With our very limited schedules this time of year, she helped us out immensely. I was actually a bit envious as I would much prefer to be outside working around the dogs than be sitting in front of my computer doing appraisal work all day. Thanks so much, Rebecca! You were a great help and we look forward to having you back this fall!

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