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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Surprise Envelope!

Group Photo

The "dog garage" is converted into a classroom for the winter with straw bales as benches.

The leaders are hooked up first as I explain what we will come next.

Sweet Pea gets in "the zone" before she's harnessed.

McKenzie was caught on film in one of his mid air jumps. This is to get my attention so I don't forget to harness him.

All happy now.

Phoenix checks back to see what could be taking us so long while Tuloon keeps her eye on the trail.

We head out on to the lake to show the Girl Scouts what dog sledding looks like.

We then head into the dog kennels to begin meeting the dogs!

The girls learn how to harness the dogs.

All smiles

Icoa and one of our guests.

We received a surprise envelope today from Girl Scout Troops 13180 and 12515 that included a beautiful 8x10 group photo, a lovely "Thank you" note and a CD of photos taken from the day.

What a wonderful gift to remind us of winter now that it has so quickly gone away. Thank you for this lovely reminder!

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