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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dog Yard "Chores"

"Someone" commented over the winter that when we do our spring dog kennel clean up, we really need to clean the nasty orange sled on which the dog food is transported.

Rebecca carefully scrubbed out each dog crate and let them air dry.

McKenzie is one of the first to shed

The aftermath

Tuloon's coat just exploded over the weekend

I'm not certain I like the word "chore" for what has to be done on a daily basis to maintain a team of sled dogs, the dog kennel and the dog yard because this implies that it is a hard and unpleasant task. Hard at times yes, but unpleasant, most often no. We'll have to come up with another word.

If there is passion for something, engaging in any part of the lifestyle associated with it uplifts the soul. Whether it's moving dirt in the dog yard, moving through the woods silently on the runners of the sled as the dogs move to the rhythm of their breathing, cleaning dirty straw out of dog houses, cuddling with the dogs as you stop for a break on the trail, scrubbing the dog crates, spending the morning at obedience class with one of the dogs, brushing the dogs, traveling with the team over virgin snow on an endless frozen lake, administering heartworm medication to the sled dogs or any one of the thousand and one things that come with this chosen lifestyle, to put it simply, its all good!

This past week was spent scrubbing dog crates, cleaning out the dog truck, moving gravel in the dog kennels, brushing the first shedding dogs of the season and spending endless time with the dogs. Hailey and our English visitor, Rebecca, get the credit for nearly all of this and I am truly thankful for their help. Due to the current volcano eruption in Iceland, Rebecca's stay has been extended until the winds shift and flights resume so she'll get even more chances to engage in this musher's lifestyle that she has adapted to quickly and appears to be enjoying. (Minus the wood tick factor. It's that time of year!)

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