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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ilu on the Sidelines

Smiley Ilu

Mr. Enthusiastic is on the sidelines for one more week. Last week while running around in the yard, Ilu, a 4 year old Canadian Inuit Dog, went down to the ground screaming. This happened so suddenly and within an hour after feeding that we thought instantly of stomach bloat and rushed him to the vet without any further thought. After further investigation, it was discovered that it wasn't a bloat, thank goodness, but a lower back sprain, of all things. He must have twisted his back while running on the ice.

After several days on anti-inflammatory medications and narcotics for the pain, he is almost back to normal but not quite as bouncy. One more week of rest should be enough then he can get back in harness. You can only imagine the protesting at hook up time when he is the only dog left in the kennel! Poor Ilu.

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