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Sunday, February 14, 2010

PUWAWA 2010 Part V; Cozy Cabin, Good Food, Good Company

French toast with local and freshly frozen strawberries, Pastureland butter and Wild Country Maple Syrup.

Our evening meal time.

Phoenix cuddles up with Jen.

Scott with the chocolate bottomed cheese cake.

It's Topa and White Feather's turn.

Our evenings were spent discussing the day's events and making plans for the following day during an exceptional meal prepared by our northwoods chef. Scott has a strong value for natural local and seasonal foods. This weekend's adventure would provide but a preview of Scott Pampuch's thoughtfully prepared cuisine.

A few of the sled dogs were invited in to join us. Oh, how the others howled in disapproval! They'll get their turn.

Most nights, exhaustion set in almost before dessert but, of course, our sweet tooth won the battle and the sugar allowed us to keep our energy up for one last conversation.

Because this is a women's event and because we've heard that they snore rather loudly, the "boys" slept outside in their own private accommodations in the woods; two four season tents. With the proper gear, winter camping can be very comfortable. Our 4 inch thick foam sled pads make for a nice bed and provide more than enough insulation to keep a person with a good winter sleeping bag warm throughout the night. It helps to heat water and fill Nalgene bottles and place them in the sleeping bag about an hour before bedtime. Many mornings, I've had water still warm enough to have hot chocolate or tea.

Hearty breakfasts were made each morning to give us all enough energy to start our day, working hard with the sled dogs in the cold outdoors.

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