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Sunday, February 14, 2010

PUWAWA 2010 Part IV; Afternoon Run

Phoenix frantically digs an upside down hole as he tries to contain his excitement.

From left, Topa, Oken, White Feather and Phoenix.

Tuloon and Phoenix lead Sandy's team as they make their way through the thick pine forest.

Jen stops to rest her team lead by Oken and Klaus

Ilu and Icoa look back to encouragement as we travel through a hardwood forest.

We were greeted by a beautiful day and snow covered trees.

The first big run of the weekend! The dogs waited in anticipation as our advanced mushers prepared the sleds and then began harnessing the dogs for our afternoon run. I would go out in the lead sled as a passenger. One of our guests would be the musher on the lead team while our other two guests would take turns running the second team. Chris would follow behind to help with any potential issues, with a smaller team.

Everyone did such a wonderful job. You would not have known that they hadn't been mushing since their visit with us last winter. The gang lines were kept tight on the downhills, our mushers were observant of issues with dogs and the infamous ninety degree angle turn was executed successfully by all.

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