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Friday, December 18, 2009

Wood Cutting and Little Dog Coats

Trying to beat the snow....

Topa and White Feather hide behind the dog house at the sight of Blue in his winter gear.

What a little cutie.

They come out of hiding to investigate

Copper remains dignified

We rushed to tackle the big pile of wood that needed to be cut before the snow came. Neil had attended a five day Chainsaw Safety and Operation class while in the UK and put his new found skills to work. We didn't finish the pile before the snow but did put a nice dent in it.

The cold came before the snow and not much snow at that. We're still waiting for our fair share. In the extreme cold temps, even though I don't like to treat my little dogs like "little" dogs, they do need some special attention to make sure they remain warm. They aren't built like the sled dogs and don't have anywhere near the coat. When temps dropped below zero, Copper and Blue needed their boots to keep their feet from freezing and gathering ice balls. We decided to also put their coats on to see how the puppies would react to the sight. It was as if a spaceship had dropped off aliens in the backyard when Topa and White Feather saw the little dogs all decked out in their winter gear for the first time! Those puppies began to bark and ran to the other side of the kennel to hide behind the dogs houses! This set Blue off and he began to bark, not knowing that all of the ruckus was about him. As Blue stepped away from the kennel, the puppies came out of hiding to investigate at the entrance to the kennel, still being very cautious as they were quite concerned about the alien beings that still remained in the yard.

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