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Friday, December 4, 2009

Topa and White Feather Updates

Photo by Rich Baker

Lexie and J.J. spend some time with the pups

Another puppy run

Topa is actually taller than Tuloon at this point, however in the photo is on a side hill, making her appear shorter.

The two 5 month old Tuloon/McKenzie pups continue to grow. Topa is the largest of the two and has longer legs. She has been going through a cautious stage, stepping back momentarily from people she doesn't know very well. The "naughty" stage began as well. This includes running the other direction when called. This usually lasts about a month until it is nipped in the bud through training. White Feather appears to have her half sister Journey's build so far, which is a little beefier with more proportionate legs. White Feather is more attentive at this stage but still very much a pup on her own mission. Both have excellent dense coats.

To keep them on their toes during our Thanksgiving travels, Rich came over to visit and brought J.J. and Lexie. They spent some quality time playing in the back yard together. Shortly after we arrived home, we took the dogs out for a run and did another very short puppy run to make sure these pups continue to be introduced to fun experiences while in harness.

Winter just arrived with temps down into the teens at night so the dogs houses have been filled with straw. This morning we awoke to ice on the lake with a light covering of snow. As I look out the window, I see our Trumpeter Swan family trying to make their own channels as they swim through and then walk on the thin ice. Looking back at the calendar, this scene occurred in early November last year. We're hoping that we catch up soon and that the winter soon brings good ice and deep snow. This will be the puppies' first winter!

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