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Sunday, December 27, 2009

At Boyds Mason Lake Resort

The beast of a dog truck parked strategically so that the outriggers could be fully extended and the stainless steel dog lines could also be tied to the truck and then extended to nearby trees. We were able to take off on to the trails right from the truck.

Copper and Blue sat on wool blankets while tied to the outriggers during sled dog feeding.

Neil checks the ice depth on Bass Lake which is in front of the main lodge.

Phoenix and Journey lead Neil's team

There is a beautiful stand of pines through which the trail runs.

Open fields provide a lot of opportunity to add miles on to the trails.

Neil and team in the field.

We practice passing and now Neil is in lead with his team.

Fir tree lined trails

Old growth Hemlock forest

Hauling water for the dogs

The dogs back at the truck.

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