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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Puppy Lake Run

Topa with Tuloon in lead, heading straight for the camera man while Tuloon sticks to the intended trail.

White Feather now gets her turn in lead with mom.

Upon our arrival at Boyds Mason Lake Resort, the conditions on the lake were perfect for a low resistance and fast puppy run. Since Tuloon had been in heat and had to sit out of our first two runs, we put her in lead with her puppies. Both Topa and White Feather, now 6 months old, got a turn to be in lead with mom. This was their first time up in lead. Topa was as focused as a seasoned adult at her very young age. White Feather has excellent potential and is still very much a puppy as evidence by some of the puppy fun she had when she realized the sled was chasing her. She turned around while in lead, did a quick play charge and puppy play bow then when she realized the sled wasn't stopping, she ran straight back in lead and kept a tight line the remainder of our short journey.

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