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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Million Dollar Smile

Rich skijors with McKenzie.

Alright, maybe its just a thousand dollar smile after the nearly one thousand dollars worth of dental work that McKenzie had last week. We noticed an inflamed area on his upper left cheek area, just under his eye. Just as we thought, an abscess. A total of three teeth needed to come out. Apparently three root teeth are a bear to operate on and all three teeth had three roots, thus the immense bill. Did I ever mention how expensive it is to have sled dogs? It's the only real downside to keeping a team. And it usually is an unpredictable event. This is one of the reasons why they need to work for a living doing our adventure trips. I guess McKenzie will have to do some overtime this season.

We took two teams out today and left Tuloon at home with her hormones. McKenzie was the odd man out so he got some special one on one time with Rich who took him around the lake by himself. He has recovered from his dental surgery nicely and remains on antibiotics for another few days.

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