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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Women's Adventure Preparations

Points Unknown cabin in the early fall

Raspberries have taken over our northwoods dog yard

Copper and Blueberry got to go on this little adventure and relaxed with us in the cabin after a full day of fresh air.

We spent the weekend up at the Points Unknown cabin. Our goals were to cut some firewood, brush cut the dog yard and, although years down the road, to scope out a building site for our new "facility" on a different parcel of land to the current cabin.

Having always cut already downed logs for firewood, it was my very first time cutting a standing tree. There's a first time for everything. After a lot of safety considerations and reflection on my previous experiences cutting firewood, reading through the manual for tips and having Neil coach me from a distance, mission accomplished! We cut down two small birch trees. Enough for one day and the first time. We've got a lot of downed logs back in Watertown to cut up so I decided to save my back!

Since my father is an ex USDA Forest Ranger and has used a chainsaw much of his life, Neil and I are fortunate to be scheduled for a full chainsaw refresher/training course during our upcoming visit to Arkansas, where my parents have retired, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Neil has had no use for chainsaws in the UK and has seen far too many chainsaw moments gone bad in the operating theatre so is reluctant to pick one up without proper training. Who can blame him. A chainsaw in not only a useful tool but an extremely dangerous piece of equipment.

The dog yard desperately needed a face lift and relief from the thick wild raspberry bush intrusion. It was a nice cool day to work outside with virtually no bugs.

We spent half a day on another parcel of land that is not far from the current parcel, getting to know the terrain. We were pleasantly surprised to find a lot more rolling topography within the parcel that we originally thought. A perfect place for a walk-out basement building was found. Of course, we have high hopes of someday having an indoor/outdoor kennel set up under the main facility where the dogs can come inside during the spring and summer to escape the hoards of mosquitoes and black flies. This indoor space will also be used for puppies, older dogs and any special needs dogs that come along. The dream begin to take shape!

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