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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Kennel Work

Finally taking down a 10 year old volunteer box elder tree that I have continued to remind myself over the past 10 years to cut down.

Moving dog kennel sand/gravel

White Feather helps

Almost done!

Topa decides it has been just too strenuous a day and naps on the deck in a chair.

Neil, Hailey and I spent one day over the weekend doing various, never ending, kennel chores. It was a wonderful day to be outside! Bleaching all kennels was first on the list. Kennel sand/gravel was moved from one end to the other to fill holes and to provide better drainage. Kennels were raked of any remaining shed out dog hair and leaves and volunteer trees and thick willows were removed from a portion of the Oake Lake shoreline to provide a better breeze for the dogs and help create better sled access from the dog yard for the winter. This also opened up a beautiful view of the lake from the house!

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